at my 16th year check-up my doctor tells my mother and I that I am slightly over weight she says so just “as a warning” —– 5’2, 130 pounds and on the way home I imagine all the ways I can shrink into myself —– fast forward years later and I am still picturing the […]


A guide to dissecting your own body: //watch girls eat donuts wish it was you, wish you had the ability to, wish you didn’t care so much, wish you didn’t own so many god damn mirrors //wonder when this started happening wonder how your indifference molded into obsession, remember that addiction can be more than […]


Smile more -but keep your happiness elusive show it to the world only when prompted wear your heart on your sleeve make sure it doesn’t bleed openly don’t be too sensitive or weak don’t find disgust in violence don’t cringe at gore don’t talk about your period don’t talk about yourself don’t talk -you’re perfect […]


strength in flesh is not a flattened stomach with a mountain range across it nor is it a back with symmetrical indents it is not how much you can lift or how much you can carry but rather how you carry it //sometimes strength is only going to one class but still going sometimes it […]


I used to swear I’d never sit on the same side of the restaurant booth as you or anyone for that matter I’ve always equated it to shining a spotlight on they who choose to sit like that a bright bulb on the couple who can’t be apart from each other long enough to finish […]


After a man bends down in front you pretending to drop something in order to violate you on his way up we giggle like young girls at the mall being followed by boys who don’t know how to take refusal with grace young girls on a walk home from school and a car following behind […]