Last night I made a list of every drug Katie and I were able to procure in high school. I then made a list of every drug we consumed in excess dosage intentionally while somehow still managing to wake up the next morning and make it to class in time. Regardless of our poor decision-making, […]


  Remember when they thought I was dying? My white blood cell count was so low I was certain that I could fit each one into the palm of a hand and name them. I pictured my soon-to-be bare scalp reflecting against every light in every room it walked into and wondered if you could […]


  Is this their heartbeat or ours?     Is a river still a lifesource if the life there is disregarded?   The quality of its content only important if the stream ends at a white mouth?   And preservation, only necessary, if it ends up in a museum?   Maybe water isn’t an issue […]


Donald was never Donald to us was always pappy or puppy always grandpa never a name – loved angels and pranks and the little wooden boxes with painted bugs on the inside that danced when you opened it – Mom played Luther Vandross in the car for weeks after he died sat in the passenger […]


I’ve been looking through the yard for a four leaf clover but even if I found one I wouldn’t know what to wish for because with april comes the yellow roses along the fence the hibiscus have started forming there were less in November when we met against a background of bare trees when I […]


admiration for the mundane: I like the way your toothbrush lays next to mine I like knocking over your face wash every time I open the cabinet above my sink, I like that you left your face wash at my house on purpose so that you never have an excuse to not spend the night […]

In learning about the Holocaust for the millionth time: ___ I wonder if this ever becomes a worn topic to some because for me it always feels too new ___ I count the decades from where we are today and they always feel too close for comfort ___ maybe it’s because I know enough bad […]