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Come train with me!

I earned my certification as a personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine 4 years ago, as well as my certification in fitness nutrition and am currently working towards continuing education in weight loss and a specialization in women’s fitness,

I am accepting online clients for coaching and custom workout programs well.   Email for inquiries and to book a session.

I work with you to design a custom program to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether it’s strength training or body weight fitness you’re interested in, I’ll custom build a plan that will get you to where you want to be.

Client testimonials:


Nothing has motivated me more to continue my passion for personal training than the clients I have gotten to work with over the years. Past and current clients share their experience below.

Even though I’m super active as a dancer, working out was something that was always inaccessible and intimidating to me. Danielle has been such a great coach and has totally changed the way I view training in the gym.
-Michael Menzer
I had the best experience training with Danielle! She created a beautiful document full of detailed instructions on both warm ups and exercises, including pictures to reference! Everything I could possibly need was seamlessly integrated into this document, alongside Danielle being super receptive to questions / comments via text. This was best option for someone looking to train on their own with a guide to follow to make the workouts both impactful and intentional. Her program works great remote, I live in a different city hours away and still had great success with it. Definitely recommend!
-Jasmine Pournavab
I’ve spent A LOT of money on training and workout plans. They’ve all been largely inefficient for me because the process didn’t help me combat my poor self image and accept my body at all times. Training with Danielle was transformative because it did exactly that.
Danielle’s workouts were specific to my needs and capabilities. I had fun, felt challenged, and saw my body’s abilities increase. Danielle encouraged me, motivated me, and praised the work I did at every step. It was always clear to me that she wasn’t training me because she adheres to beauty standards and wanted me to look a specific way. She was training me because she wanted me to be strong and more importantly because she wanted me to like myself. In the months we worked together, I saw big and exciting changes in my body but the bigger accomplishment was how much kinder I was with myself. Because of Danielle’s approach, I didn’t focus on my weight. I wasn’t obsessive over what I ate. I didn’t put myself down when I missed workouts. I followed Danielle’s lead and prioritized strength, growth, and feeling good.
The impact of working with her has been so meaningful. It has allowed me to continue trusting in my body and wanting to take care of it while remaining gracious with myself and accepting that my body is always good.
-Vanessa Ayala
Danielle’s Instagram had been a major source of inspiration for me, so I was thrilled when I learned she was offering her fitness expertise through training. She provided me with personalized workouts that helped me safely create a sustainable workout regimen and get closer to my fitness goals that I don’t think I could’ve gotten otherwise!
-Chloe Young

I could not recommend training with Danielle enough! Her program helped me feel more confident in navigating the gym alone, learn how to better structure my workouts, get stronger, and see INCREDIBLE results. I love that Danielle customizes every program to fit your goals – it’s not a “one size fits some” guide.

-Emma Lev

Before training with Danielle I hated exercising and I was never able to stick to a workout regime. I was intimidated by gyms and didn’t know where to start.
Her approach to fitness is focused on creating a plan that emphasizes balance and long-term sustainable results. Danielle has given me the tools to succeed in the gym, but also the ability to bring the same attitude into every other area of my life. If you’re looking for a quick weight-loss solution this is not it; but if you are looking for someone to consistently challenge and push your limits, Danielle delivers every time.
Today, I have achieved a body that I never thought was attainable, but more importantly I have been able to maintain a healthy weight and an active lifestyle for over two years because of the confidence and work ethic Danielle instilled in me.
-Dina Sabatelli


Finding a workout regimen that works for me has always been just as difficult as actually getting myself to work out. Once I reached out to Danielle, that process has been so easy and open, and she has been present and communicative with me every step of the way. I’ve never been one to consistently work out, but finding her has made me feel like that’s actually possible to integrate into my life. The plans she makes are personalized and manageable, which gives me all the motivation I need— if I’m not going to do them, who else will?! After three weeks I’ve already started to see results, so impressed!!!
-Meriel O’Connell


Danielle is attentive, supportive, and in-tune with her clients needs. She listens to what you’d like to work on, and customizes her plans to fit exactly that. My experience with Danielle’s workout plan was nothing but positive, and helped me feel more confident in my body, become stronger, and expand what I am capable of, and what I believe I’m capable of. Through transforming my body, she helped me also transform my mindset. I can’t recommend her enough!
-Courtney Cook