About me


photo by Adam Della Photography

Since her start in slam poetry at the age of 17, Danielle has continued to grow in her written endeavors. From competing at Brave New Voices in 2014, to placing as a finalist for the title of Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate, Danielle has built a resume on experience and dedication . As an undergraduate student at Chapman University, Danielle has helped bring student poetic voice to the university, co-founding the first poetry club in 2015. In 2016, Danielle published her first full book of poetry, Beyond Existing, and earned her certification in personal training with The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Pairing her passion for activism with voice, Danielle has become an outspoken advocate on drug policy reform and currently serves as vice-president for her local chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Danielle has a fascination with sunflowers, a constant desire for dessert, and a love for petting dogs.


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