Full Circle

Funny how a year can come and go so fast
I don’t know when last June became this one but it did, quickly.
I almost swore on our future
I almost did,

This is another Sunday but in the present now
Time has shifted unrecognizable
I bet you wouldn’t notice me next to you on a sidewalk or at a streetlight or in the ocean drowning
I don’t think you remember the sound of my voice but
I still taste yours, humming

Maybe you think about me, maybe
Probably not, you probably don’t
Look at how far we didn’t make it
Look at how long we didn’t stay

Back again, summer and heat and unfortunate desire
I have come again in pieces
Full circle, your arms could still be around me
Full circle, they are not even close
Full circle, I still haven’t let go
But I’m coming around
I’m coming around
I’m coming around,
I swear, I am.

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