I could be sober with you
and I don’t mean that lightly
I could stay up the entire night with you holding me, forgetting all surroundings, distractions
I’d watch the anxiety roll off my body into your hands as you set it aside gently
You always seem to know how
to mold my discomfort into feeling safe
And I know I am

I could be happy with you
And I don’t often think that with others
But your body is a home I’d like to call my own
I can see a full row of sunflowers blooming on our energy only
We could grow gardens from the glow of our touching

I could be wide-awake with you
And I don’t say that frequently
I would suck every ounce of life out of my body to give to you
I’d stay up till morning watching the sunrise, listening to the back alley voices outside my window
I’d sacrifice an entire night of sleep just to hear you speak

I could listen to you for hours
Your words, your voice, your melodies
You are a song on repeat I know I could never stop liking
You’ve taken over my mind and it’s a problem I don’t mind having

I’m an addict for people, for hearts, for intimacy, for touch and
You are exactly what I could thrive on
I would empty a bottle of wine for lack of necessity
I could drown in your skin,
Feed off your lips,
Your laugh,

I am full on just being here
There is no need for substance
I could easily be drunk on you
only you

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