strength in flesh
is not a flattened stomach with
a mountain range across it
nor is it a back with symmetrical indents
it is not how much you can lift
or how much you can carry
but rather how you carry it
//sometimes strength is only going to one class
but still going
sometimes it is only getting one thing on today’s list done
but still getting something done
sometimes strength is a bare face willing to leave the house
sometimes it is just getting yourself to leave the house
//strength looks like feeding yourself even though you’re not starving
it is teeth brushing, even if it’s quick
hair washing, even if it’s only once a week
laundry now and then
enough water to keep hydrated
it is two socks, probably unmatched
a shirt, pants, and maybe a bra
the breath it takes to put them on
to walk outside to be human
//sometimes strength is a bit of last night’s dinner stuck to the side of a plate
still holding on somehow
//the spider from underneath the couch
attempting to survive another day
uncertain in plans
but determined

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