Smile more
keep your happiness elusive
show it to the world only when prompted
wear your heart on your sleeve
make sure it doesn’t bleed openly
don’t be too sensitive or weak
don’t find disgust in violence
don’t cringe at gore
don’t talk about your period
don’t talk about yourself
don’t talk
-you’re perfect as is
but try this tea
who needs food anyway
waist trainer
modern day corset
suffocate your organs into a
cast until they forget what they exist to do and
your body can’t remember why
it ever wanted to be anything but
-be confident
get your bikini body
get summer ready
grow your ass
shrink everything else
how dare you find pride in your skin,
in the excess of it
how dare you face the sun without
attempting to cower in it’s presence
-be modest like
you weren’t born naked
be mother like
you are only good for your uterus
be more than your womanhood
don’t be a feminist
be one of the men but
don’t demand equality
ask politely and
you still wont get it
-hold your own opinions
not too tightly
strong beliefs make you crazy
any belief makes you crazy
crazy if you disagree
crazy if you fight back
don’t be a pushover
-laugh out
grow in
keep to yourself
speak up
don’t say too much
don’t let the world see your teeth bent
be anything but
believe and you can
be anything that isn’t
what you are already

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