A guide to dissecting your own body:
//watch girls eat donuts
wish it was you,
wish you had the ability to,
wish you didn’t care so
much, wish you didn’t own so
many god damn mirrors
//wonder when this started happening
wonder how your indifference molded into
obsession, remember that addiction
can be more than substance
remember that it’s in the family
//remember there was a time when a nutrition label wasn’t a stop sign
remember there was a time when you ate without counting
remember that today’s happiness isn’t going to be tomorrow’s
remember that you look fucking fine as is
remember that there are people hungry
remember that you are hungry for something that cannot satisfy
//dissect every piece of food that meets your tongue
dissect every inch of skin that looks misplaced
feel as if every inch is misplaced
//stare at yourself too long in the morning
look at your reflection when he kisses you
pretend you see what he sees when he does
your friends will stop asking
if you want to go out to dinner
//remember that there is a time in
every girl’s life
when she is unafraid of taking up
too much space
remember that it’s a time
you can no longer remember
//your mother will call you thin
the next time you come home and
you will wish you had eyes like hers

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