admiration for the mundane:
I like the way your toothbrush
lays next to mine
I like knocking over your face wash
every time I open the cabinet
above my sink, I like
that you left your face wash
at my house on purpose
so that you never have an excuse
to not spend the night
I like that you leave
your belongings at my house
on purpose
It’s a good reminder
that you’re coming back
even though I already know
you’re going to anyway
I like having inanimate objects
to remind me now and then
so that just in case you
wake up feeling differently one day
you’ll still have a reason
to return
When I asked if
I could keep the sock
you left on my dresser
I was only kidding
I asked because I wanted
you to notice that I
keep parts of you
scattered around my room
just because
I miss you easily
I guess
Your alarm gives me
a headache
but I don’t mind it
the way I don’t mind
finding your hair on
my pillowcase or on
my face
the way I don’t mind
finding you on my pillowcase
or too close to my side of the bed
when we sleep
I don’t care that one
of your best skills
is hitting the snooze button
on repeat
my only regret is how
little we utilize the record player
and the fact that I was too
tired to kiss you
this morning
I am grateful for the day
your toothbrush
found a home in my bathroom
and also for the day
you decided
to find one in

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