I’ve been looking through the yard
for a four leaf clover
but even if I found one
I wouldn’t know what to wish for
because with april comes the yellow roses along the fence
the hibiscus have started forming
there were less in November
when we met against a background of bare trees
when I hadn’t yet let my guard down
and we bloomed prematurely
before the heat got to us
before the chill stopped calming
we were all the nature
that my clumsy hands never got the chance to ruin
I planted my future in your palms
waiting to watch the fruit form from your fingertips
we plucked oranges before they fell
from the branches I couldn’t reach
with the juice dripping from your teeth,
I found spring in our winter together
summer every time you looked at me
we built a sun even in its absence
painted stars in a quiet sky
this is how we loved
enough to keep the temperature still
enough to keep the unknowingness calm
this is how we still do
attempting to hold the promises we made
attempting to keep steady
now the peaches have grown into their soft skin
just as we have
we pull one from a branch to split into pieces,
the juice slipping from our mouths as we eat them
it’s easy to forget how sweet the sweetness is when you’re used to it
but I havent forgotten
what a privilege it is
to have tastebuds
and there’s a reason
I still keep you on my tongue after
all this time

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