Moving on doesn’t mean I don’t miss you

I go out to dinner with a near stranger
we sit on the same side of the booth and
I think about how you’re the only one who
knows how much I hate that

I drink a drink with vodka and lime and
vodka and it almost makes me feel like
I know who I am when I’m with someone else

I don’t think of you often but last night I did
I remembered how your arms are the
only place where I am not self-conscious

I lie next to him on my balcony and
there are a lot of stars above us but
I’m the only one who notices

he is thinking about what I look like naked and
I’m counting how many hours of sleep
I will get if he leaves before 2

there is not an absence of feeling,
just a different kind than I’m used to
he touches my hand and I smile in
a way that doesn’t feel forced

I spend a day with a near stranger and realize
there is so much he does not know about me,
so much he doesn’t care to

like how I got my nose pierced at 14 or
the amount of time I spend in the mirror each morning
picking myself into something I can carry only semi-confidently

he only learns I can’t ride a bike when he asks if I want to
he has no idea that my blonde is shielding a deep brown or
when I got the freckle above my lip or
the inch long scar underneath my chin

he doesn’t care and that’s okay
when he leaves we say I miss you but
in a different way than I’m used to

it is not a pain swelling to be morphined
nor is it a pulling from the gut but instead
it is the ever temporary desire to fill the excess lonely

we say I miss you and still mean it but
it is not the missing that a body feels for
a phantom limb

I am with him now and probably will be again but
moving on doesn’t mean I don’t miss you
it only means I’m trying not to

just because I’m all right doesn’t mean
I don’t wonder how you are
I can still be happy with the existence of a quiet ache

but yes I do
miss you,
I will until the day I can sleep without having to count sheep
I will miss you even if there are no stars in the sky to remind me

I don’t think of you but last night I did
the moon was too bright and
I was the only one
who noticed

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