After The First Time

you’ll call me babe when we’re together
and when we’re not you won’t call at all

I’ll let you in and you’ll show yourself out
step onto the mat, leave your mark then
leave for good

it’s the invitation that’s too easy
it’s the only caring in the moment
it’s the lack of resistance
it’s the welcome without the stay
it’s the goodbye without saying

you’ll call me beautiful and then you’ll never call me again
you’ll go on your way and I’ll watch you as you do

treating your arms like a rental, you can take my body for motel
it’s just right now, nothing permanent
one night or
maybe a second
pack your things, don’t turn around
I swear I’ll be fine
clean the room, mop the floor for evidence and
we wont look back after the first time

this beginning will become end
we’ll try to make us last
speaking of
soon and
but I don’t hold my breath-
I need that to survive this
I don’t wait
not for you to call
not for you to come again

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